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Ryland William Jesse

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My Video's

I created a new site so I can put more videos on it and updated it more often, also there is pictures.  It has more room for more of both. 
You can view and leave comments.

Ryland at swim thearpy swimming.  They made him a special harness so his feet go back and he can swim.

Ryland walking using his new bronco walker.  Our driveway is kind of at a slat, so it works great so he can learn to step.  The funny thing is when we got to the gravel he wanted to keep going, like he wanted to go out into the street.  When we did get to the street he sure wanted to go.  He is sure doing great for this being his first time outside with it.  It's hard to use inside since we have carpet.

                 Ryland watching Nascar
                      sorry there is no sound my Camera only does video

I will try to keep video's of Ryland on his page but sometimes I might do something wrong and they won't work.  You have to remember I never had any prior experience with websites and how HTML codes work.  I have gotten lucky and kind of learn along the way.  If the video doesn't play I think you have to Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX  and can't have, like, QuickTime as your player.  I am thinking that is what it takes.  I know Quicktime would keep coming up and I never could get it to work.  I spent like 8 hours trying to figure it out.    Summer



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