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Ryland William Jesse

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About Me

This is all about me.


I am 2 3/4 years old now.  I am getting to be a pretty big boy.  I weight 26.5 lbs and I am 37 inches long.  I don't eat alot of food anymore and mostly drink my formula or it goes through my Mic-Key button(feeding tube).  I like to try to bite and lick everything so I kind of got a nickname, it's Pupdog.

I love to watch The Wiggles, Wonder Pets, Backyardagains, Little Eistein, The weather when it comes on the news and also Nascar.  I like the color yellow and smiley faces.  Elmo is my favorite toy but I also have switch toys that are fun to play with.  If is nice outside we will go swinging or for a walk.  I know mommy sometimes has a had time keeping me happy because I like to have it my way but what two year doesn't want everything their way.   

 I may not be able to do alot of stuff that most kids do but thats only because I am a special kind of kid.  I show you how not to take everyday tasks for granted.  I may not beable to tell what I am thinking but all you have to do is look in my big brown eyes and you'll see.  That's about it!!

Me and my Family live in Hartford SD.  Alot of my family lives here so it is nice I get to see them a lot.  My Grandparents Mike and Rose Jesse live here.  My aunt and uncle Laura and Brad Bjergaard live here also.  My Grandma Suzi lives in Sioux Falls SD and Grandpa Carl lives in Winnabgo NE.  My uncle Danny lives in Sioux Falls.  My uncle Willy and aunt Misty live in South Carolina.  I like living here in Hartford it is quiet and we live close to the pool which me and my brothers like. 

Summer 2004
Taking a swim with Mitchell


This Is How My Days Go

Depending on what day it is, I wake up from 7am to 11am.  I have therapies on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Friday.  OT, PT, ST are usally Tues, Wed or Thurs and I also have Swim Therapy on Friday.  Mommy trys go get most of my doctor appt on Fridays also but some doctor don't work on Fridays.  Mommy gives me my first set of Meds about 2 hours after my overnight feed is done.  I have a bottle 45 mins after that depending on if I really want to eat sometimes it goes through my feeding tube.  I spend my mornings watching my shows and sitting in my special seat playing with my toys.  At about one it's time to eat about.  I sometimes will take a nap but it just depends on what going on.  I could decide on one at 2:00 but then I also might take one at 7:00.  Mommy has to get me to eat before my next set of meds because I can't eat anything 45 mins before and 30 after them.  So between 3 and 4 it's time for the meds.  Then another bottle after that.  We sometimes go outside during the day.  If my brothers got sports or something else going on it usally happens at about 5:30.  I like to make it hard at about that time.  Mommy trys to get me to take another bottle before 8:00.  I have to take my meds at about 9:00.  Then I go to bed from anywhere between 10:00 to midnight.  I sometimes take a bottle after my last meds for the day but I like to fall asleep while she is getting it ready.  Alot more goes on but is would take alot of time to tell you all about it.   

Ryland Dec2005
Picture painted with feet Chritmas card contest winner


    Heaven's Very Special Child
A meeting was held quite far from Earth;
 "It's time again for another birth,"
Said the angels to the Lord above,
"This special child will need much love."
 His progress may seem very slow,
Accomplishments he may not show,
And he'll require extra care
From the folks he'll meet down there.
He may not run or laugh or play.
His thoughts may seem quite far away.
In many ways he won't adapt
And he'll be known as handicapped.
So let's be careful where he's sent;
We want his life to be content.
 Please, Lord, find the parents who
 Will do a special job for You.
 They will not realize right away
 The leading role they're asked to play.
 But with this child sent from above
 Comes stronger faith and richer love.
 And soon they'll know the privilege given
 In caring for this gift from Heaven.
 Their precious charge, so meek and mild
 Is Heaven's very special child.
-Edna Massimilla




Angels For Hope