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Ryland William Jesse

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Family Photo Album

On this page I'll describe each member of my family.

And He Gave Me To You
Ever wonder why you're the lucky one,
The one who came to be?
The oh so very lucky one, Who was chosen to care for me?
It may not be obvious sometimes, But you have all I need.
I need someone with patience, I need someone who is kind.
I need someone who is strong,
And not quick to lose their mind
I need someone who is special, Someone very special indeed
I need someone who will care, Someone to care for me
You may never know my thoughts,
You may never know my voice
Just please be reassured, That was not my choice.
God knew what he was doing, When he gave me to you
He knew you could handle me, He knew what you could do.
You see I am very special, Someone very special indeed
I need someone who will care, Someone to care for me
I know that I am not perfect, And that I make you cry
That was not my intent, I'm just your little guy.
One day you will know me, The way you want to know
But for now I'm just me, No matter how hard that may be
But I am a special person, Someone very special indeed
You'll never know how glad I am, That God gave you to me.
You see you are not the lucky one, The lucky one is me
By Christine Quiroga

Ryland and Mommy
at the Zoo, seeing how bib I am


My mommy has dark hair and dark brown eyes.  Mommy was born in Neb. and grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, Rock Rapids, IA, and Luverne, MN.  My mommy's mom is Suzi Baker thats my grandma and when I get older she is going to take me fishing. She got two brothers Willy and Danny that she grew up with.  She also has 4 little sister that my grandpa Carl had.   She likes to do all kinds off stuff.  Like crafts, sewing, going to baseball games, playing with me, doing stuff with my brothers and shopping.   She doesn't always get to go out alot since she has to take care of me and clean up after my brothers.  She is always doing laudry but I think that is because my brother Mitchell wears 3 different changes of clothes a day.  We usally go for walks when it is nice out.  She always makes sure I look nice.  I love my mommy very much. I almost forgot she likes monkeys.  I have a lot of stuffed animals monkeys.   

June 2006
Daddy and me Chillin at the CMN event

Daddy, Me and Mommy


My Daddy is really funny.  He is always making mommy and everyone laugh.  He has red hair and blue eyes.  He likes football, baseball and basketball.  He likes to play video games.   My daddy works at Citibank.  My daddy's mom and dad are Mike and Rose Jesse.  He has one sister and her name is Laura and her husband is Brad they have a kid which is my cousin Anthony.  They all live in Hartford.  My daddy was born in Virginia.  But spend most of his time in Hartford except for a couple years he lived in Sioux Falls, SD.   He is a really smart daddy and almost always wins at trivia.  My daddy is a really good daddy and I love him very, very much.  "I'm his Little One"

Nathan's 11th Birthday
Nathan Mitchell Ryland

Other Relatives

Dance Marathon USD
G-Pa Mike, G-Ma Rose, Nathan, Mitchell, Daddy, Ryland and Mommy

Mitchell and Nathan
mommy and daddy's wedding day

My Brothers

Nathan is the older brother he is 12 and his birthday is April 20th.  He will be in 7th grade.  He like the color red and like to play video games.  He also love to play football and baseball.  Mitchell is 9 and his birthday is September 9th.  He will be in 4rd grade.  I don't know what color he likes but he like to play games to but he likes to find ways at getting money.  He also like to play football and baseball.  They keep mom busy but also help her out with taking care of me, they are GREAT big brothers.



Angels For Hope